Calcutta Street has come a long way in the past six months. Shrimoyee Chakraborty my friend and founder of Calcutta Street has also grown into her founder’s shoes. From playing with her business idea, where she served too much food for too less money, she has now started serious business with excel sheets and pricing. Of course the wrong side of twenty is possibly adding more perspective.

If you are already tired of my honest monologue and waiting to see some food porn, here are some memories of the first pop-up at Camden.

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Calcutta Street at Bonnie Gull

The love affair with Bengali food truly began at Bonnie Gull a sea food restaurant. Bengalis love fish and we cook a million things with fish and the second pop-up was completely fishy from paturi (fish wrapped in banana leaves) to crabs a la Bengal. What made this second venue more likeable was its inherent charm.

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Stage 3 in the life of Calcutta Street

Biriyani is the ultimate decadence in the life of a Bengali and Calcutta is one of the major biriyani hubs in India. The Jazz evening with live musicians at Stage 3, Hackney was one such decadent evening. It started with comfort food in the form of muri-telebhaja, puffed rice and fries followed by chicken chaap a slow cooked curry that goes well with biriyani and lamb biriyani. Unlike the biriyani’s with gravy on the side you get in England, Indian biriyani’s are moist, subtly flavoured rice with nothing on the side. You can choose to eat it with raita or a curry but they don’t come with it.

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If you have enjoyed watching Calcutta Street’s progress, why don’t you come to the next pop-up on 1 August 2015?

Why should you come to Calcutta Street’s next pop-up?

The cuisine served here is from West Bengal, India and you don’t get that anywhere else in London. Unless you have a Bengali friend who loves to cook. If you do, bring them along to check for authenticity. Bengalis love a good food challenge.

Where and When

Saturday 12 – 4 pm at Pelt Trader

Arch 3, Dowgate Hill, London EC4N 6AP

If you spring for the beer pairing offered by Pelt Trader you get an even better experience I am told.

Also, if Calcutta Street ends up as a posh high street restaurant you can claim that you discovered them when they were nobody.

The next pop-up is a summer special and we baked in the sun and boiled in Pimms to toast it in. Here’s the video if you are nosy. The video was shot by Aditya Sengupta and edited with the help of Kheya Chattopadhyay. All the people in the video are friends of Calcutta Street.

Hope you enjoyed watching. Buy your tickets for Saturday’s summer lunch at Pelt Trader.

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