I had been contemplating buying a blood pressure monitor for quite some time now but didn’t buy it because I am quite healthy. However, there are two reasons why:

1. We, my husband and I, have joined a gym (and now we are very curious about our heart rate, blood pressure etc.)

2. My family has a history of hypertension and I’ll be travelling with my parents on a trip around Europe soon. (I am sure my parents are already rolling their eyes!)

So, when I was asked by Moderna Housewares to review the Ozeri Cardio Tech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for them. I readily agreed. I get to keep the product and they can spread word around about it.

20140205-173134.jpgThe product came in a neat little box with batteries and a detailed booklet. (If you buy it, don’t lose the booklet). Excited with my new gadget, I quickly programmed it as directed . Then, a little scared whether I do have cause for concern or not, I wrapped it around my wrist.

Yes, its a wrist unit that you can travel with! The other cool feature is that its colour coded. If you are within the normal blood pressure range then along with the systolic, diastolic and pulse rate reading the screen goes green.If you are the pre-hypertension range it goes orange and if you do have high blood pressure the colour’s red.

Fortunately for me and my husband we were both green. You can program the unit for a maximum of two users and it stores 40 readings for each user and gives you an average reading of your blood pressure. It also detects irregular heart rate or arrhythmia, which I could not check, but would be a very useful feature for someone who really needs it.

The very useful booklet

The wrist cuff is long enough to fit every possible wrist size and the whole unit is quite light-weight. All you have to do is align your forearm with your heart and lay it on a flat surface. Then, wrap the cuff around your wrist and fasten it with the velcro on the end. This was a bit troublesome for me as I was left with a lot of excess wrist band .

The wristband tightens till it is about 170 on the screen and then slowly releases till it finds your blood pressure reading. It also comes with a five year warranty, so I believe it would be a good investment for someone who needs to monitor their blood pressure and heart rate regularly.

The Cardio Tech Blood Pressure Monitor is available on Amazon UK for £24.95 + delivery charges. As it is also certified by the WHO I think it is good value for money.

Here’s hoping that my parents like it too!


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