Trifle puddings are the easiest desserts that even children can make. It is also one of the commonest desserts. However, like everyone else, I too have my favourite recipe. My violently violet trifle! The violet-ness was a happy accident, which I would be eager to repeat.

Violently violet trifle pudding
Violently violet trifle pudding


  • A flat bottomed shallow dish, preferably glass for aesthetic advantages. I use a rectangular pyrex serving dish.
  • 3 loaves of Madeira cake (I bought them for convenience, but you can bake a good Madeira or plain sponge cake.)
  • One jar of nutella or any chocolate spread. I add a bit of melted dark chocolate to add some depth and reduce the sweetness.
  • One tin of custard or make your own custard!
  • Lots of summer berries, as many as you like. I had blue berries and cherries. You can also use a good fruit jam if you can’t be bothered with the berries
  • Some sugar if the berries are really sharp

Preparation and assembly: 30 minutes

Layer the bottom of the dish with thin slices of Madeira. If you are using a sheet of cake don’t bother slicing just cut it to fit the pan. Next spread the chocolate spread generously, without leaving any gaps. The point of this pudding is lavishness! Lay the second layer of cake and press it gently on to the chocolate spread. Although, you can put whatever flavour you please in each of the layers, a combination of tastes and textures make it a better pudding. Next pour the custard in and spread it all over the cake. Cover the dish with cling film and leave it in the fridge to chill. Since my cherries were quite sharp and tangy, I heated the blueberries and the cherries with a few spoons full of sugar. Remember to stone the cherries before adding them to your dessert. I hate spitting out seeds at a party! As the berries start heating up, gently press them to release some juices. The blue berries in combination with the sugar is what gave me the lusciously vibrant violet colour. Let this berry compote cool before pouring it over the chilled custard layer. Chill it again for a good few hours.

Serving suggestions: Serve chilledGarnish with a few more berries (uncooked ones) before serving.

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