Working in the UK or the aspiration to work in the UK is a dream in many a immigrant’s life. But belonging to a country outside the EEA makes it quite a difficult dream to achieve.

A travelling dream

My husband and I came here a few years back because we had a yen to see Europe and UK was the only country we spoke the language off. I have often faced surprise when I tell people that I am not going to live in the UK forever. No one can imagine coming to the UK but not to settle here. Unlike what certain politicians would have us believe, not everyone comes to the UK to take advantage of its benefits.  Over the last few years we have been all over Europe on every holiday and, lived and paid taxes in the UK.

These streets have seen few generations of immigrants over few centuries
These streets have seen few generations of immigrants over few centuries

The first step

The first step to working in any country, that is not your own, is to getting a visa and a work permit. UK makes it easier for you. You only have to get a visa, which allows you to work. There are visas that don’t allow you to work, especially dependants. We were lucky to come at a time when you could get a visa, come to the UK and look for a skilled job. That was the original avatar of the Tier 1 visa. Now, you have to be a graduate entrepreneur with the intention of contributing to the British economy to get a Tier 1 visa.

The more popular work permit is the Tier 2 visa that requires sponsorship from a UK employer, who has to prove that your skill is something that the UK needs.

There are various other work permits, that you can apply for, which will allow you to come and work here temporarily. For an informative guide to the UK work permit scenario visit this website, that I often recommend.

The grass is greener on the other side

Life in the UK isn’t a bed of roses. It is difficult and you also have to acclimatise, and sometimes learn a language you don’t speak very well. For those in Southern Asia or countries with a culture of readily available domestic help, UK believes in self help. The maid you are thinking of hiring here might well be paid as much as you!

Be prepared to be cook, cleaner, chauffeur and plumber to keep your living costs within your means. However, before you think in those lines, think of how you might make your dream true. Ask yourself the questions:

Will your employer transfer you there? Are you an ambitious entrepreneur? What about your family? Will your dependant spouse be allowed to work?

Moving to a new country is an ambitious decision that cannot be taken selfishly. Do try to think about your equally skilled spouse who might not want to stay at home and not focus on their career for the lack of a work permit.

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