Goodbyes at La Bonne Heure
Goodbyes at La Bonne Heure

After three years of blogging in the safe haven of I’ve decided to test self-hosting shores. Like moving homes, moving blogs and all that comes with it is not smooth. I still haven’t managed to transfer my subscribers yet and parts of my new blog doesn’t look as tidy as I would have liked it to. However I’ll continue blogging about and sharing  interesting things in my life. I have quite a few restaurant reviews, recipes and travel plans coming up so, hopefully you will continue reading, liking and commenting on my blog.

Misleading as the caption and the heading might look, rest assured, I am not moving away from London. But Sandra and Marcos are moving to the sunny shores of southern Spain, Malaga. We have already planned a road trip in Spain, but more about that later. Last night’s dinner was for good time’s sake and an ecstatic Sandra happy about moving back to her beloved Spain and Marcos looking forward to the improved quality of life.

Last night's dinner
Last night’s dinner

Quite like that lobster on my plate my life seems perfectly cooked, wonderful to eat, but dissected. Far away from my family, friends and country I am trying to enjoy life as best as I can. As much as I love living in London and travelling in Europe, I can never ignore that twinge, that I am far away from home. That sense of belonging isn’t always there.

My friends in the city are as transient and footloose as I am. In the past three years so many friends have come and gone that  I have lost count. But life goes on in the hope of new friends and old friends making a reappearance in our lives.

Leaving my old blog was quite a similar experience. You move on with the hope of something good.

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