I was recently asked to answer eleven questions and also disclose eleven facts about myself. I thought they might make a good autobiographical post. My answers might be quite un-cool but hopefully will entertain some equally boring and eccentric people.

1) Why do you blog?

When I started blogging five years ago it was a cool transition from a notebook to a blog. My current blog was created to give me some respite from unemployment woes. Basically, I decided to give myself a job because no one else would!

2) How long does it take you to write each entry?

As long as it takes to devise a recipe, cook and eat it. If its a travel post then as long as it takes to observe and absorb my new surroundings.

3) What are your three most treasured items?

Practical items:

My passport, my debit card and my phone

Prized possessions:

My camera, Kindle and painstakingly collected jewellery


My father, mother and significant other (If there was a fire I would save only them)

4) Guilty pleasure on the telly?

DIY SOS  (I rarely watch the telly)

5) What’s your favourite place in the World?

Wherever my family is. I rarely have them all under the same roof! If I have to choose a country and a city then India, London and Kolkata respectively.

6) What is your favourite biscuit? (I live in England, and this question is always a must-ask)

Mcvities Digestives with dark chocolate on one side

7) What is your most distinct memory from childhood?

I have an elephant’s memory, I remember every obscure detail of my childhood. My favourite memory would be hot afternoons in Kolkata, listening to stories told by both my grandmothers of their childhood and my parents’.

8) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

Asterix. I’m short enough and I have a secret desire to be super powerful.

9) What’s on your music player?

Video Games by Lana Del Ray in a loop in my head. Western and Indian classical vocal and instrumental, Rabindrasangeet (Songs composed by Rabindranath Tagore), Folk and Country.

10) What is the most difficult thing you have ever done?

Given up academics, left the country and set up in a new country and then hunt for a job.

11) If you could stay at a certain age forever, what age would it be and why?

21, It was a period of time, when I felt that I had everything I wanted in life.

Pattaya 2013
Pattaya 2013


Eleven facts about me

  1. Distracting me when I’m reading is like poking into a beehive with a stick! I don’t buzz or bite but I snap and snarl!
  2. When I was seven my personal library consisted of eleven books and I made my friends sign on a register to check them out.
  3. It has been eleven years since I graduated from my favourite school.
  4. I went to a college that was notorious at making front page news, whenever the newspapers had nothing juicier to share.
  5. My immediate family is scattered all over India and Europe, but we always meet once a year.
  6. My significant other is losing all his hair and mine are going grey. I think we both secretly blame each other.
  7. I was born left-handed and after living in a right handed world for twenty something years I am showing signs of confused ambidexterity.
  8. I daydream in novels, stories and ballads. My dreams always have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
  9. My parents taught me how to bake but my grandmother nurtured my love of cooking and taught me how to be obsessive about the food I buy.
  10. I love collecting things. Shells, jewellery, bells, owls, frogs etc. (The owls and frogs are ornaments not alive)
  11. My life revolves around travelling and discovery.

Dear Readers,

Now that you know more about me than my About page does, I  hope you enjoy reading my blog more.

Best wishes,

Drifting Traveller

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