A Glimpse at Day 1

My Thailand trip was planned in a week. Quite unlike me, I usually plan my India trips a year ahead and Europe trips four to six months ahead. However, since this was a partly paid trip (the air fare) I happily shopped, looked up visa rules, packed, bought a Lonely Planet travel guide for Bangkok and left. My first weekend in Thailand was planned on the British Airways flight. We had two weekends and a day to see Thailand. I know, it isn’t enough time. But the fun and excitement of a spontaneous trip, to a country I’ve never been to before, made sure that  I enjoyed every minute of it.

My activities in Thailand can be divided into three distinct categories: Food, travel and culture.

Tom Yum Goong
Food: a Spice fest that started with Tom Yum Goong
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Modern Thailand
Elephants and the lotus are symbolic of Thailand


Glitz glamour and peaceful temples
A little respite from the heat




The temple bearers
































The pictures above are from Bangkok. I spent a whole day in the blazing sun, temple hopping. I never thought glitz and gilted gold could be coupled with Buddha and peace, but I was pleasantly surprised in Thailand. Detailed posts with my impromptu itinerary and photos are soon to follow.


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